Online Survey Software

Online Survey Software

The great thing about online survey software is that there are MANY pieces of survey software to choose from.

The hard thing about online survey software is that there a MANY pieces of survey software to choose from! :)

One thing we can all be happy about is that delivering surveys, scoring survey, and managing surveys can be a simple, approachable process thanks to the amazing developments in digital survey methods. Gone are the days where administrators must print surveys for distribution, hand out pens and pencils, collect all the completed surveys, try to decipher the chicken scratches of terrible handwriting, put ALL the results into a database, and on and on.

Okay, so you know you want online survey software, but which one do you choose? How will you make the right decision?

No worries! Listed below are five great survey software systems to get your survey ball rolling. AND, what’s nice is that these systems offer free trials and/or free usage with limitations. So even if you do not know which online software to choose looking at their specifications, you have the opportunity to test drive your options before committing any money.

With no further ado, here are five solid online survey software recommended by a doctor of education technology. All these are perfect for businesses, academic institutions, and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Five Great Online Survey Software

  1. Survey Monkey (
    With over ten years of experience, Survey Monkey is a user-friendly system. It features a free plan with basic options for people who want to try it or who don’t need to buy a plan at all.
  2. Qualtrics (
    In short, easy enough for an intern, sophisticated enough for a Ph.D. Check out the free trial.
  3. Zoomerang (
    If you have ever heard of Zoomerang, they are now a part of Survey Monkey. Both are great systems. Now, both together may be even stronger.
  4. Vovici (
    With 50% of the Fortune 500 as customers, serving over 47 countries, you know you can rely on Vovici’s online survey foundation. Take their online survey tour or schedule a free demo.
  5. Survey Methods (
    Easily create professional surveys, deploy through email or Web, and analyze data through the graphical interface. With 10+ years of experience, you can check out their free trial, view a demo and sample survey, and even view sample results.

There are many other online survey software available but these are five solid systems that will definitely help you get started.

Always do your research prior to paying any money for survey software or services. Typically, with little effort, you can find plenty of information online with a simple Google search and you can even try the systems for free before making a decision.

Remember: Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. Here’s to your success! All the best to you.

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