Computer Classes

Computer Classes: Find Your Success

The trip around the island was amazing. You and your friend took two bajillion (yes, “bajillion”) pictures and decided you want to share them with friend online in a blog. The problem is, you do not know how to create or even use a blog. You, my friend, need computer classes. :) Lucky for you, there are hundreds of computer classes and/or computer tutorials that can teach you how to blog.

In this age of computers, nearly everyone (at least at some point) will likely find a task or subject they need to learn and will find those answers in online computer classes. The wealth of online computer training available to learners may seem overwhelming at times, but do not become overwhelmed. Instead, take joy in the fact that you have so many amazing elearning classes and elearning software from which to learn and make your life easier!

With that in mind, you can find your success in computer classes by remembering these simple yet powerful tips.

Top Five Success Tips for Taking Computer Classes

Whether you are a technology geek or a computer foreigner, put these five tips in your back pocket for success when taking computer classes.

  1. Never give up.
    Your computer might freeze, your elearning software might crash, the online computer training may seem too difficult to master, but NEVER GIVE UP. You can do it! Learning computer software or computer hardware can definitely be challenging, but it is never as hard as it seems.
  2. Do not be afraid of failure.
    This aligns perfectly with number one. Do NOT be afraid to fail. If you are actually earning a grade or degree, of course, please pass your class! :) The point here is on a smaller level. Do not be afraid of “messing something up” in your elearning software or computer hardware. In most cases, you cannot hurt anything enough that you cannot recover from it. Keep this quote in mind: “Fail forward.” That is, you can fail, but learn from it, move on, and avoid that failure again in the future.
  3. Ask questions.
    Going along with tip 2, if you absolutely are not sure what to do next in a computer class or need help, do not be afraid to ask questions. Whether you take a formal computer class or learn a skill informally on your own, there is always someone in a forum, YouTube video, chat room, Q&A page, etc. that can and will help you. Sometimes a quick question to an expert that takes 5 minutes can save you HOURS of time troubleshooting on alone. But again, do not be afraid to try things and solve problems on your own first.
  4. Allow time for technology issues.
    Computer problems WILL occur. This is just part of the process. And just when you think one hour will be plenty of time to complete a task in your computer class, something will backfire or go berserk and you could run out of time if you are on a deadline. Bottom line: Do not wait until the last minute for any computer-related task. Be proactive! :)
  5. Have fun!
    Even though this one is tip five out of five, it just might be the most important tip for taking computer classes (or any classes for that matter). Learn to have fun! The more you can make a task relevant to you and find ways to make the process interesting, the more success you will find. For example, if you can complete your computer class work on a laptop or computer, go outside with it on a nice day! Can you turn some of your studies into a game or incorporate your learning into a practical need you have in your life? Then do it!

Ready for your “trip around the island?” :) Computer classes can be practical and fun. Decide what you want to accomplish upfront, and keep your eyes on that goal through to the end, and you will be sure to find massive success in your computer training. All the best to you.

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